Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Patient Care Comes First

Anesthesia for Dentistry

Most anesthesia for dentistry is provided by dentists and oral surgeons themselves. In fact, dentists were at the forefront in the original development of surgical anesthesia. However, for many patients, it is difficult or impossible to have dental care given without an anesthesiologist. These patients include Adults, Children, those with Medical Problems, and phobic patients.

Dr. Einstein has extensive experience providing anesthesia in dental and oral surgery offices. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist with a California Medical License, and a California Dental Board General Anesthesia Permit. He brings all the necessary medical equipment, monitors and supplies to the office to provide a safe comfortable experience.

Dr. Einstein fully monitors his dental patients, and gives additional intravenous anesthesia before local anesthetic is given. He also gives intravenous anti-inflammatory medications. Patients sleep unaware and typically wake up a few minutes after completion of the procedure without any pain, and without any awareness of the surgery.

Monitors include: BIS (brain wave), end tidal CO2 (breath by breath monitor), pulse oximeter (continuous blood stream oxygen monitor), electrocardiogram (continuous electrical heart activity), blood pressure, and where indicated body temperature.