Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Patient Care Comes First


Dr. Thomas Einstein Thank you for visiting to find out more about the anesthesia services provided by Dr. Thomas Einstein.

Dr. Einstein is an American Board of Anesthesiology certified specialist who has been practicing anesthesia in Southern California for over 25 years.

His philosophy of practice is simple: The patient comes first! Each patient needs to be assessed individually, and his or her specific needs must be addressed. The goal is to do everything to ensure that the patient has the best possible experience before, during, and after a procedure.

This site is designed to give patients a chance to meet Dr. Einstein on line, and find out about his anesthesia services for a variety of procedures.

Please feel free to explore the areas that interest you. A list of frequent questions is also included. If you have additional questions, please email Dr. Einstein. Whenever possible, you will be answered directly, and you also will help create content to assist other patients.

The site is still under construction. Dr. Einstein looks forward to interacting with visitors to improve and expand the website. Feel free to email any suggestions for improvement.

Some of the information on the site appears to be very specific. However, since every patient is unique, Dr. Einstein can give you specific medical advice only after a one-on-one professional consultation.